Company Profile

ABC Technologies, NCR, Delhi (India) Ghaziabad, UttarPradesh

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop , CNC machine shop under one roof, engaged in manufacture of CNC Turned and Milled Components, precise assemblies & , Precision Sheet metal components, Produced with the help of CNC Laser Machine, CNC Press Brakes, CNC turning centers and CNC milling machines for quality conscious buyers. Our Shop is run by a team of qualified engineering professionals having varied Industrial experience. We are running this shop for last many years, however our total working industrial experience is more than 25 years. During this tenure we have developed and designed, some of the latest art of Kiosk, ATM Machine parts, industrial electrical Panels, precised Sheet Metal Parts, Machine covers, Machined parts, Automobile/ Engineering components, intricate Jigs & Fixtures, (some of them were import substitute) on conventional as well as on CNC Machine Tools.

Abc Technologies is manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of sheet fabrication, couplers, Laser cutting machine, CNC Turned and Milled Components, atm airport kiosk, precise machined components, cnc turned components, company in India Delhi Ghaziabad.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser beam to cut materials, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser beam, generated in a resonator and guided on a path with the help of reflecting mirrors and special material lenses, which focuses this beam on the material to be cut. All these parameters starting from generation of the beam till the cutting of material are controlled with the help of a computer


Machine Description
CNC Laser Cutting(4KW) FOM2-3015NT AMADA, Japan 3mtr x1.5mtr 1no.
CNC Laser Cutting Alfa 2415 AMADA, Japan 5mtr x1.5mtr 1no.
CNC Press Brake EHP 150 HH, India 3 mtr x160 Ton 1no.
CNC Machining Centre Minimill HAAS, USA 500x400x300 1no.
CNC Turning Center Nakamura Japan Dia150x200 1no.
CNC Turning Centre LOKESH India Dia.250x300 1no.
Surface Grinder ---- Guru Arjan / Avro 500x250 mm 1no.
Conventional Lathe Machine ---- Local 6 FT. 3no.
Turret lathe ---- Local 6 Head 1no.
Drilling Machines ---- Taiwan & Local 12 mm 4no.
Spot Welding Machine ---- Indian 75 KW 1no.
MIG Welding Set ---- Panasonic, Japan 200 Amp. 2no.
MIG Welding Set Tornado Ador Fontech 250 Amp. 1no.
TIG Welding Set Tornado Ador Fontech 250 Amp. 1no.